Missoula Tango

Tango Missoula has become their very own organization! Please visit their website for information and scheduling!

DDC regular, Nathan Smith.

Tango Practica at the DDC

All are welcome to these informal tango practice sessions. The intention at our practicas is to have a place to connect with other dancers, drill or practice aspects of your tango dancing, learn new steps, and enjoy the social connection with all the others in our tango community. No previous experience necessary. If you’re just wanting to try tango, our community will welcome you and show you some of the basics to get started. You can also practice technique or vocabulary that you’re learning in your classes. The format for the music generally follows a similar structure for milongas, with the music played in tandas – or sets of similar styled music. Although, this might change too! Every third Friday of the month we have a longer practilonga from 6:00 to 9:00. For these, bring a snack or a drink to share!


Contact Patrick Marsolek if you have more questions: 406-443-3439 or info@patrickmarsolek.com