Lizzie Dolan – Barre Fitness, Simply Fit

Lizzie Dolan has been teaching group fitness in Missoula since 2011, became an Independent Contractor in 2012, and created LizFit, LLC in the summer of 2015. In the fall of 2016 Lizzie earned her NASM Certified Personal Trainer certification and opened her own studio June of 2017. Active her whole life Lizzie’s youth was spent flipping around as a competitive gymnast for Bitterroot Gymnastics. During high school she played Volleyball, Softball and ran Cross-Country for Hellgate High School. After graduating with a Business Degree from The University of Montana in 2004 she started coaching at Mismo Gymnastics, was the elected Montana Women’s Gymnastics State Chairman for a term. In 2010 she began judging women’s gymnastics and is now a Level 10 judge. Lizzie’s group fitness career began in the fall of 2011 when she fell in love with and became certified to teach OULA. From there she has earned her AFAA Primary Group Exercise Certification, as well as certifications to teach OULA Power, Oula.One, PiYo Strength, Booty Barre, Les Mills GRIT, Les Mills BodyPump, Kettlebell AMPD, and AFAA Practical Pilates.​ When not teaching classes or training clients she can be found playing board games, “reading” books on Audible, watching movies and spending time with her boyfriend and biggest supporter, Donovan.



Kathryn Kelly – Oula, Oula X, Oula Power

Kathryn Kelly grew up outside of Chicago enrolled in almost every activity you can imagine: gymnastics, ballet, jazz, Irish dance, piano, diving, tennis, soccer, volleyball, track, baseball, basketball, and field hockey to name a few. She moved to Missoula for college and been trying her best to never leave. She loves the way Oula is an outlet for people to be silly and free themselves while getting lost in the music. Her favorite part about being an Oula instructor is meeting new people. She encourages everyone to smile especially when things get tough. Kathryn continues to improve her physical condition through many pursuits and believes that a sound body yields a sound mind. In order to be mentally sharp it is imperative to keep your body healthy, through fitness and proper nutrition. Besides taking Oula classes every day, Kathryn plays tennis, loves rafting in the sun, alpine skiing, and biking around beautiful Missoula.


Jody Mosher

Jody Mosher – Reflective Morning Movement

Nia brings me back home. I bring curiosity and compassion to my practice of Nia, to this body that moves me each day, and to this growing sense of community that comes as I learn from and offer movement experiences to others.

My first experience of Nia was in 2005 while in graduate school at the University of Montana. I was immediately drawn to the joy I felt in moving. The sensations of spaciousness and openheartedness kept me going back for more. When I pursued my White Belt teaching certification in early 2008, I was surprised by the emerging passion in me for movement and sharing the joy of movement with others. Now as a Blue Belt in Nia, I’m honored and delighted to hold the space for others to come home to their unique body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Looking forward to welcoming you to Nia class in Missoula.


Kristen Antonson – Oula

A fitness fanatic since the 80’s, Kristen had always relied on videos to get “in shape”. It became so regimented and boring, and she wanted more fun and connection with others. Shortly after moving from Denver, Colorado in 2016, she found her true passion in Missoula as a group fitness instructor. Kristen’s background is in Health care, and earned her Degree in Biology and Nutrition from Metropolitan State University of Denver. She has always loved to dance and found pure bliss when she discovered Oula. Soon realizing the impact of a mind body practice, such as Oula, she had to have more of it, so she could give it away! She believes that dancing imparts a kind of magic that changes and challenges the participant, if they allow it to do so. Being an Oula instructor has taught her everything she needs as a group fitness leader. Kristen is also certified in Barre, and Piyo, and teaches a variety of mat based, and bootcamp style classes all over Missoula. Come and find your passion and fitness style with a girl who is a little bit tutu, a lot of high top, with a smidge of grit and a dose of geek.



Kendra Potter – Yoga

Kendra began practicing yoga in 1999 and teaching in 2005.  Her yoga practice has helped her navigate life in Los Angeles, New York, through her transition from single woman to wife and finally mother of her two children.  In 2014, she found herself elated to be back practicing in the mountains of Missoula, MT.   Her fascination with yoga began with the revelation that one can move while in prayer, and has continued through the joyous exploration of the principles of Sukha Sthira, the balance between exertion and ease.  Yoga has made her a nicer person, and she continues to work toward encountering the Self through sharing the practice.  She is also a professional actor, reiki practitioner, and birth doula.

Kendra’s studies in yoga include:

-200 hour tantric vinyasa teacher training at Divine Motion Yoga with Tracee Stanley and Everett Newell in Mt. Shasta, CA, 2005

-200 hour vinyasa teacher training at Greenhouse Holistic with Summer Quashie, Leigh Evans, and Paul Manza in Brooklyn, NY, 2010

-85 hour Sacred Shape Prenatal teacher training with Summer Quashie and James Bae in Brooklyn, NY, 2011.

-She has also studied extensively with Gurmukh Khalsa, Tej Kaur, Harijiwan Khalsa, Sharon Gannon and David Life, has had the gift of sitting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and has sat with Amma the hugging saint in both Los Angeles and New York.  She has also studied with many more less famous, but equally profound beings.

Students in Kendra’s classes often find themselves focusing on the journey between asanas as they move through sun salutations and standing poses, being reminded to smile and breathe.  We often laugh and sigh, and take a few childs poses to check in.  Then a long stretch, a twist, heart opening and inversions bring them into a sweet and well deserved savasana, often incorporating a guided meditation.  She aims to keep it simple, yet finds the challenge within that simplicity.  In any given class we may chant mantra, we may sigh, we may sit in silence, but we will always observe and honor what we find.

Angi Purington-McClure – Bamboo Bodies

Angi’s innovative and witty approach to fitness is not your usual bootcamp, weight-loss, tone-up method of movement. Nor is it yoga. Angi incorporates Qigong exercises, self-massage, and internal energy training to influence positive change in the body and mind. She teaches fitness with a balanced ideology of health and exercise that anyone can relate to and enjoy. Her fun and innovative teaching manner helps get you moving and thinking differently. Angi focuses on smart, safe, and balanced movement to keep you moving now and in the future.




Amanda Taylor

Amanda Taylor – Oula

Originally from Wyoming, Amanda is passionate about leading an active lifestyle. While growing up, she participated in jazz and hip hop dance. For her, movement and exercise are incredible outlets for stress and emotions. Dancing more than any other form of movement expresses feelings, and in her life, that self expression is the most satisfying part of dancing. Although she is an introvert by nature, dancing brings out a completely different side of her. That is why she loves Oula. Oula is not about technical dancing. It’s about letting everything go on the floor and leaving class with nothing left but the relief of expressing a spectrum of emotions all in a one hour class. There is so much positive energy in an Oula class, and she is excited about making Oula a positive experience for everyone. She also enjoys swimming, jogging, cycling, hiking, and spending as much time as possible by rivers, lakes, and her very favorite place…the beach. Amanda received her MA in Sociology with an emphasis in Inequality and Social Justice in May 2011. By day, she is a case manager for the state of Montana and works with disadvantaged parents to help them obtain employment and gain work skills. Before work, during her lunch break and after work she enjoys as much Oula, outdoor activities, friend time and laughs as much as possible. Amanda is grateful for the opportunity to teach at the Downtown Dance Collective, as it is one of her favorite places to be and where she feels at home. The Oula community and support from the Downtown Dance Collective helped her to become a confident teacher and person on and off the dance floor.