Maria Kupper, Medium: Photography

Virtual Tour via Facebook Live

Tuesday, March 31st, 5:30 pm (MST)

Hosted by Heather Adams and Maria Kupper

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Growing up in a small town in East Germany I have always been lucky to be close to the greens of the Thuringian Forest. Getting outside with my family and exploring nature were important to balance our everyday urban life. When I left home to study Biology I continued hiking in the nearby vineyards and forests in my new Bavarian home. Following another tradition, I documented my adventures with many photographs. Over time I understood that my photography shows more than just places but also offers glimpses into my intimate relationship to nature. Equipped with a PhD and the hunger for new research projects and landscapes I came to Montana. The quiet on every new hiking adventures with my camera helped me arrive and connect with a new country over the past three years.

On my travels and through moving to Montana I realized that while being far away from family, friends, and often the comfort I am used to, I am still always home. Once I tie my boots, take my camera, and step out into nature I am curious, focused, and comfortable. I feel welcome. My photography is inspired by the playfulness of the elements and it carries the love and respect I have for the grace of nature and its creatures. “Always Home” is a collection of photographs taken in Germany, Scotland, Iceland and Montana. Their unifying elements are forests and mountains, the landscapes that offer me a quiet escape from the buzz of city life. They are the places I wish to always come back home to.