Latin at the DDC

This class is a social Latin dance class or Street Latin, encompassing salsa, bachata, merengue, rumba, casino rueda, and chachacha dance styles. Occasionally, we touch on zouk and kizomba.

This course is ongoing and all levels, with a different dance style explored every 6 weeks. The classes are structured and progressive, giving you the confidence to build your first steps as a dancer.During the 1st segment at 7.35 pm, you will learn how to listen to the music, so you can move to the particular timing for the chosen dance style that week. Appropriate posture and dance technique are taught, like torso and hip movement, glide versus drag, and a general opening of the body, so necessary for Latin movement. Shines, footwork, and turn technique are covered in this first section, too.

Partner connection is explored in the second section at 8:30 pm, moving as one unit and communicating with our bodies. At the same time, social and historical roots of each dance style are discussed.

With this foundation to build on, the 2nd segment will enable you to incorporate and practice dance moves; and whether you lead or follow, you will acquire a better understanding of dancing in sync with your partner.


6 Week Session/$65