Big news for the DDC and the University of Montana! 

The Downtown Dance Collective is very excited to continue our collaboration with the University of Montana School of Theatre & Dance, which has been on-going since the program’s inception in Fall of 2015.

The University of Montana, with the goal of expanding the already comprehensive courses offered by the UM School of Theatre & Dance, has teamed up with the DDC to offer Tango, Salsa, Capoeira, Flamenco, and Tap at the DDC.  Students will sign up for credit through UM and attend class at the DDC.  Each course will be a one credit class, attributed as an Expressive Arts Credit. Students will engage with the greater Missoula social dance community by taking class with both their fellow students and community members. Additionally, students will participate in social dances and other community-based dance opportunities. These courses will teach the student the fundamentals of the dance form, and then take them beyond the basics.  Taking classes off campus, learning along side community members, and participating in social dances, will the allow the student to feel comfortable with the dancing community in Missoula, easing the transition from student to arts supporter and participant following graduation.

Students who intend to receive credit for a class MUST register and pay through UM.

If you are a community member and want to join us, you can!  Sign Up Here!