table for two+1

A provocative and trendy display of the power of color by three emerging, local artists. This show features the work of April Werle, Alexandria Carter, and Derek Snodgrass.

April Werle:

In Werle’s provocative and colorful paint collages, she explores the dynamic of taking on a hybrid identity. Represented in the various hues and forms that overlap, these forms play with the idea of what is real and what is not, while also symbolizing the races and ethnicities predicted for her by the people she has met through travel. April Werle is an undergraduate student at the University of Montana, pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing.

As a Montanan native and world traveler, Werle is heavily influenced by the division of “white” and the “other”. Especially relevant in her upbringing, she explores how this segregation affects her identity as a half-breed american.



Alexandria Carter:

“You don’t want someone to love you because of your body, and you don’t want someone to love you despite your body, you want someone to love you and your body.”

​ – Sister

Alexandria Carter is a mixed media artist using a variety of materials to render the fat experience. From ceramic, drawing, performance, to painting, Alexandria aims to expose and open up the figure to the world in which she has been conditioned to hide. Raised in the dried out valley cities of Southern California, Alexandria quickly became aware of trending beauty regimes and socially accepted body standards which she challenges today. Alexandria often draws on her own experiences of indulgence, sexuality, and intimacy.

Alexandria graduated from The University of Montana-Missoula’s School of Art where she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics with a Minor in Art History. She has exhibited her work at The Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, MT, The Gallery of Visual Arts at the University of Montana, been published in the University of Riverside Mosaic Art and Literary Journal Vol. 54, and was awarded the Rachel Sprunk Smith Scholarship from UM’s School of Art. Alexandria looks forward to an emergent studio art career.

Derek Snodgrass:

Derek Snodgrass is a mixed media artist who finds inspiration from adventures abroad. Influenced by mountains and rivers, he works intuitively to create abstract forms of layered drip paintings, allowing the paint to flow and blend on its own with minimal control.