First Friday Artist Julian Weiler

“By Pen and By Lens”

“By Pen and By Lens” explores the diversity of wild areas and wildlife across North America, through the lens of a camera, and interpreted in pen and ink illustrations. Our public lands and wild areas are incredibly important not only ecologically, but also in the spheres of public health, culture, and local economies. Under this administration however, they are increasingly threatened.¬† The artist wants to remind everyone what we stand to loose if we aren’t vigilant, while inspiring renewed energy for the continuing fight for our public lands.

Weiler has always had a love for photography, fine art, and wildlife. Growing up in Missoula it was easy to be inspired, and she honed her skills in every art course she could find. She studied Wildlife Biology at the University of Montana for the chance to work outside with the wildlife she always loved to draw and sculpt. Her primary job now is promoting outdoor education opportunities on college campuses across North America. Through this job she’s had the opportunity to explore so many places that she otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to, and capture their natural beauty through art and photography.