Opening October 5th from 6-8 pm at the Downtown Dance Collective

October-November First Friday Artist: Marlo Crocifisso

ARTIST BIO\\ Unapologetic, Contemporary, and Bold

Born and raised in Helena, Montana, Marlo Crocifisso received her B.A. in Fine Art from the University of Montana in 2006. During her time at University she participated in a one-year study abroad in Malta, where she studied Art History.  While abroad she was exposed to the vibrant European street art and graffiti scene. Opened to an entirely new world of art and expression, she began cutting stencils and spraying them on the streets of Malta and eventually in Missoula.  After a quick residency in Friday Harbor, Washington, Crocifisso returned to Europe to work as a language assistant teaching English in a French high school. Upon arrival back in the states and Missoula in 2009, she immediately started painting on large scale canvas, beginning experiments with stencil-integrated, street-informed paintings, and collage.  At this same time Crocifisso started working for the local, and internationally know artist Monte Dolack, as his personal picture framer, and associate. Carrying her skills obtained after framing for The Dolack Gallery for seven years, Crocifisso embarked on her own adventure by opening her custom frame shop in the Spring of 2016 in Missoula, Montana. Located above the Von Common Studios, is Art Haus Fine Art Framing,  a complete and professional custom framing studio. Crocifisso shows regularly in many locations around Missoula and throughout the state, with her first international show in         Le Havre, France, August 2017. Crocifisso is also a founding member, and current resident of the Missoula based art Non- Profit artist collective Von Common.

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