First Friday: Brendan Tobalske

April/May First Friday Artist

Opening April 6th at 6-8pm at the Downtown Dance Collective

Brendan Tobalske is a photographer, writer and musician based in Missoula, Montana. His photographic minimalism aims to bring the formal details of the mundane, urban environment to life. He is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Montana pursuing a degree in film theory.

Artist Statement

Art in all forms has always been a part of my identity. Photography has recently come into my life as a means of being creative while navigating a busy schedule; I’m currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in film theory at the University of Montana, and the practical mobility of photography lends itself to my hectic routine. Making a conscious decision to engage aesthetically with my visual environment, to separate the shapes and textures of the world from their functional roles, allows me to turn daily commutes into interactive art exhibits. The thrill of uncovering the formal details covertly hidden in plain sight is fun, rewarding, and sustains a childlike fascination with existence that is far too easily neglected. The prints displayed here were taken during the spring and summer of 2017 in Montana, Oregon, and the French Jura, with minimalism as a guiding thesis. The larger prints are from two color-based series: Red & Yellow and Bluebook. The smaller prints don’t belong to any particular series, and are organized as pairs. I’ve also included a selection of film photographs, all of which were shot on disposable cameras as a personal challenge to work within a new set of technical constraints. With infinite thanks to everyone who has supported my work thus far, I present Twist.